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  1. Capture Every Moment: Hiring a wedding videographer ensures that every cherished moment of your special day is expertly captured for posterity. From the emotional exchange of vows to the lively dance floor celebrations, our team utilizes top-notch equipment and techniques to preserve every detail. Not having a videographer is often the couple’s biggest regret.
  2. Relive the Magic: With our professional wedding editors, you can relive the magic of your wedding day again and again. Our cinematic storytelling transports you back to the emotions and joy of your celebration, allowing you to experience the love and excitement anew with each viewing.
  3. Professional Quality: Don't leave the documentation of your wedding day to chance. Our experienced videographers ensure professional-grade quality in every aspect of filming and production. From crisp audio to stunning visuals, we deliver wedding films that exceed expectations and stand the test of time.
  4. Share with Loved Ones: A wedding video isn't just for the couple—it's a cherished keepsake that can be shared with friends or family who couldn't attend. With our videography services, you can easily share the joy and beauty of your wedding day with loved ones near and far, creating lasting memories for all.
  5. Personalized Storytelling: Each love story is unique, and our wedding videography services are tailored to reflect your individual style and personality. From intimate elopements to grand affairs, we specialize in personalized storytelling that captures the essence of your relationship and celebrates your journey together.
  6. Endless Options: When it comes to post-production, the options are endless. The most common videos are highlight videos which give a snapshot of the day in a shorter video however, we also do full length films, cinematic films, documentary styled weddings, speeches or ceremony videos and more.


Often, the bride and groom are hiring a videographer for the first time in their lives, and expectations can be very different from reality.

Highlight Videos: The most typical product delivered is a highlight video that creatively and beautifully tells the story of your wedding day in typically under 10 minutes. Our packages allow for couples to pick the length of video, type, and style. We typically come away from an 8-12 hour wedding day with 3-4 hours’ worth of footage which generally means we are selective on what we capture. We use our years of expertise to carefully select the best moments to capture for the deliverables.

Shot Lists: With our combined years of experience in the wedding videography field, our team works together to capture the moments we know are important, however it is always best to share your expectations of what you would like to see captured so there are no precious moments missed. Some couples like to share inspiration videos or even social media trends to help influence their wedding video edit.

Initial Meeting: Our team will meet with you virtually to discuss the flow of the wedding day, where we will need to be and at what times we may start or end. Additionally, this is a great time for a Q&A session, to align our creative visions and to sort out any logistics including the shot list.

Second Shooters: After years of experience in the wedding film industry, our team decided to always include a second videographer for our main packages. This allows us an alternate camera angle to capture the same shot twice, be in two places at once and to be capturing additional footage that one person wouldn't normally be able to capture.

Raw Footage: Our team shoots video in a raw format which means the footage is low contrast, low saturation and sometimes unwatchable until our post-production department uses their magic to help it come alive. The cameras our team operate shoot in a very high quality resulting in extremely large files (up to 1TB per wedding) and therefore we no longer offer raw footage to our clients for this reason.

Lighting and Audio: The most important components to a great wedding video are the lighting and audio. Our team will connect with you, the dj or the wedding venue to discuss these details to ensure we have a bright and clear video so that we can be confident everyone is looking and sounding their best.

Creativity is Subjective. The more your share upfront about the way you wish your wedding video to look, the more accurately our team will be able to deliver something that you will enjoy.

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