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  1. Video is the best way to capture the most important parts of your wedding day. Having the ability to go back and watch the day unfold again and again, to see your first dance, the look in your eyes as she walks down the aisle, to see and hear friends and family in attendance, and to experience your wedding vows over and over again is priceless.
  2. Video captures feelings and emotions much better than photos can.
  3. Not having a videographer is often the couple’s biggest regret. On the other hand, those who made the choice to have a videographer would recommend no one goes without!
  4. Loved ones who were not able to attend in person are given the opportunity to experience the beauty of your day through video.
  5. Video captures the small details you would have otherwise missed; the decorations, the attendees, the attire, the food and much more.
  6. There are endless options for creativity—short videos, full length, highlight films, cinematic, speeches, dances but the most common is a highlight film.


Often, the bride and groom are hiring a videographer for the first time in their lives, and expectations can be very different from reality.

Highlight Videos. The most typical product delivered is a highlight video that creatively and beautifully tells the story of your wedding day in under 10 minutes. Our packages allow for couples to pick the length of video, type, and style. We typically come away from an 8 hour wedding day with 1-2 hours’ worth of footage which generally means we are selective on what we shoot and are not continuously rolling video. We then sort through the captured footage to find the best and most important parts of the day to feature in the final video.

Shot Lists. We work off a standard shot list that includes the most important elements of your wedding day. You can expect our team to capture these types of shots; getting ready, gift exchanges, the first look, walking down the aisle, vows, speeches, your first dance, and “b-roll” which is filler content for the video that may include; shots of the cake, presents, table decor, and many other small details. The standard shot list we use has been carefully crafted with the expertise of our team and the current trends to ensure we make the most of our time on site.

Initial Meeting. If you are looking for a full length video, or want us to focus on a specific element of your wedding (maybe you want the father daughter dance captured, or the cake cutting, or maybe you would like to emphasize the importance of having all of your vows in the video), this needs to be communicated in our initial meeting, over the phone or via email to ensure alignment in vision between both the producer and the couple. It can often be helpful to send inspiration from other videos or photos to help align our vision for the final videos since creativity can be subjective.

Second Shooters. When you select the option to hire only one videographer, be prepared to only have one angle. This means you will need to choose whether we capture the bride OR the groom when walking down the aisle, if that is not specified we will always capture the bride first as a priority. A second shooter allows us to capture so much more, and opens us up to a whole new level of creativity as well.

Raw Footage. We do not offer our raw footage for free. Often clients may think the footage that is captured right out of the camera should look polished, however, we use luts, colour correction, audio balancing, transitions, effects, and stabilization to ensure our content looks great in the final product. If you are to purchase the raw footage, please expect that it will not look perfect in any way shape or form and will require further editing. Clients can be disappointed when they receive 1-2 hours of footage, when they were expecting 8+ hours. It is important to realize that we are not consistently shooting (ie while you are in the bathroom, travelling between sites, while you are eating, or your drunk uncle telling us embarrassing stories). While your wedding day will seem jam-packed, a fair portion of the day can be irrelevant to the footage in your highlight video.

Lighting and Audio. These two factors have the largest implications on the quality of your video. Fluorescent lights flicker at a rate our eyes do not pick up, but cameras do! Natural light is our best friend but keep in mind which direction the sun will be facing. Dim lighting can cause grainy footage. If you are not using a microphone and do not purchase/rent a lav microphone, the audio quality will suffer greatly—especially if your ceremony is outside. Our microphones often do not respond well in windy conditions, nor in loud areas with lots of chatter at the back of the room. Audio can often be an afterthought during "unplugged" ceremonies and cause major issues with hearing anything in the final video.

Creativity is Subjective. Expectations, when not shared beforehand, can often be the cause of most problems when we are hired to essentially create something from nothing—with no direction, no recommended shot list, no music ideas, no inspiration or anything we find ourselves using creativity for the footage shot during the most important day of your life. The more you share upfront about your dream, the easier it is to execute on it. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs and ideas!

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