How we give back

It's well known that at the start of every project, we ask ourselves

"How can we make this project start a conversation?"

But few know that this approach began before Community Production's inception. Our brand, business, and values stem from a deep-rooted desire not only to create and build community but to also inspire our community.

In some cases, the financial barrier of creating the right kind of media that has the ability to spreads influence and impact a community or ignite a spark that starts a conversation is beyond what's feasible for some companies. That's why we are intentional about using our talents of video production and photography to support local organizations that align with our values and are in need of these assets to deepen their impact on the local community.

Video is a powerful tool that can change the world. We want to make it more accessible.

With our passion for non-profit organizations, business start-ups, entrepreneurs, and fundraisers we look to join forces in creating content that will start a conversation between you and your audience.

Are you looking to spread your message and make a positive impact on the community? Reach out to us and we may be able to help.

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