Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

August 10, 2023

Steve Casey

Community Productions - Video Production Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What services does your video production company offer?
We offer a comprehensive range of video production services, including concept development, scriptwriting, location scouting, talent hiring, production, video shooting, drone shooting, editing, post-production, motion graphics, and animation.

2. How can I get started with your video production service?
Start a conversation today! Simply reach out to us via email or our contact page and our team will guide you through the process, from discussing your project needs to planning and execution. We work with a variety of budgets and often give back to the community as well.

3. What types of videos do you produce?
We produce a wide variety of videos including corporate videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, product demos, event coverage, animations, documentaries, commercials, ads, real estate and more. Our team is versatile and experienced in creating different types of content useable for all platforms.

4. How much does your video production service cost?
The cost varies depending on factors such as the type of video, its complexity, duration, and any additional services required. We provide personalized quotes tailored to your project's needs after discussing the details with you and your team. We do our best to offer a wide range of skilled videographers to accommodate all sizes of budgets.

5. Can I be involved in the creative process?
We value our client's input and collaboration. Our team will work closely with you during pre-production phase to ensure your vision is captured accurately. You'll have opportunities to provide feedback at various stages of production including the revision phase near the end of the project.

6. How long does it take to produce a video?
The timeline varies based on the type and complexity of the video. Simple projects might take a week, while more elaborate productions could take several weeks. We'll provide you with a project timeline during the planning phase however, we have acquired some of the fastest editors in the city to help your turnaround times on your projects. We do offer express or even same day edits for a variety of our videos.

7. Do you offer animation and special effects services?
Yes, we have skilled animators and special effects or motion graphics artists who can enhance your videos with animations, visual effects, and motion graphics to make them more engaging and impactful.

8. Can you help with distributing the finished video?
While our primary focus is video production, we can offer guidance on distribution strategies and platforms. However, the distribution process itself (uploading to social media, websites, etc.) typically falls within the scope of our clients. When our clients are unsure about distributing or the execution of of their content we can refer to our trusted digital marketing experts we often work closely with.

9. What equipment do you use for filming?
We use professional-grade equipment, including high-resolution cameras, lighting setups, audio recording tools, and more, to ensure the best possible production quality. Our primary line of equipment is the Sony A7siii capable of 4K 60FPS 10 Bit raw footage

10. Can you handle large-scale projects or just small businesses?
We are equipped to handle projects of varying scales, from small businesses to larger enterprises. Our team's expertise allows us to adapt our approach to meet the needs of different clients.

11. Do you offer scriptwriting services?
Yes, we have experienced scriptwriters who can assist in crafting compelling scripts that effectively convey your message and engage your audience.

12. What's the revision process like?
After the initial draft, we provide opportunities for revisions. The number of revisions depends on the package you choose. We want to ensure that the final video aligns with your vision and objectives while staying within the scope of the project.

13. Can you help with concept development if I have a rough idea?
Our team can collaborate with you and your team to refine your concept and develop it into a cohesive and impactful video. We'll work together to bring your idea to life.

14. Is there a limit to the video's length?
The video's ideal length depends on its purpose and platform. While shorter videos are often more effective for online consumption, we can tailor the length to suit your goals and target audience. We won't shy away to live streaming, full length documentaries or even full length wedding videos that can sometimes be hours in length.

15. How can I view progress during production?
We provide regular updates throughout the production process, including drafts, edits, and milestones. You'll have the chance to review and provide feedback to ensure the video meets your expectations.

For more specific inquiries or to discuss your project further, feel free to reach out to us directly. Building community starts with a conversation.

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