Top 10 Dream Locations to Shoot a Music Video in Calgary, AB

April 25, 2022

Steve Casey

Conceptualizing an original and creative music video in today’s age is near impossible without re-creating something or at least using inspiration from someone else. Partly this is due to the fact that it feels like every venue and environment has been overused, sometimes this is inescapable so we made a list of our Top 10 dream locations to shoot a music video in Calgary, Alberta. Not all of them are free for use, please always check video restrictions before shooting footage in a public or private area.

  1. Crescent Heights hill viewpoint - This is a no-brainer. The view of the city is immaculate and hardly compares to any other view in Calgary (other than Scotsman’s Hill maybe). If you time it just right for a sunset, the sun reflects off the glass of the buildings and makes for a perfect shot. Although there are many different look-outs from the Crescent area, you must specifically search for “Crescent Heights hill viewpoint” for our favourite. Suitable for all genre’s and artists.
  2. Scotsman’s Hill - Much like Crescent, the view is breathtaking and an absolute dream for the right artist. The sweeping city views are a must for Country artists as the backdrop of the Saddledome and city scape compliment the roots of Calgary; cowboys and country music.
  3. ContainR Art Park - With the artistic graffiti backdrops this is an epic spot for any hip-hop genre. The sun and shadows can cast a harsh light sometimes so we recommend mid-day shooting or after hours. Also the c-cans are very reflective so in summer it gets very hot and bright. There is currently a small stage at the south end of the park, great for getting the full band set up.
  4. National on 8th Ave Rooftop - Although you’ll need permission, they often host bands or artists here on a casual basis. The rooftop offers incredible views being surrounded by buildings. Suitable for all types of genres. Grab a drink, kick back and relax here after the shoot.
  5. High Park YYC - The temporary instalment is a brand new artistic location. This new rooftop public park is situated on the top level of a parking garage. The entrance can be found near the middle with a set of stairs or the elevator. The views are great plus there are picnic benches, fun signs and views for days. We suggest a solo artist, electronic vibes to check this place out near sunset.
  6. Colony Studios - A very simple, clean, blank canvas type venue with plenty of extra’s for rent. They offer a decent price to rent their place out. They have a comfy upstairs hang out, a Hollywood style dressing room and a large open warehouse styled area to set up any size of band.
  7. The Bounce Outdoor Basketball Court - A truly vibrant place located near the Central Library. They do have operating hours that luckily fall into the sunset time in the summer and you really ought to be there for that time. The sun will crack through the buildings in some areas offering great sun flares to spice up the video. The vibrant colours of the court offer a great backdrop for multiple genre’s but we feel the hip-hop world might dominate this area.
  8. The Central Library - Incredible and stunning architecture, rustic wood look and bright windows (the perfect combination for a wedding spot). Unfortunately due to how busy the library is we actually would recommend renting out one of their “creative studios” that are free once booked in with your library card. They offer a simple backdrop, moveable lighting and a relatively quiet soundproofed studio no bigger than your average bedroom. Perfect for a solo artist of all genres.
  9. Esker Foundation - Although they can often be private, in the past they have had many different art displays allowing photographers and the like to come through and shoot (we always recommend tagging the artist). This is a dream spot for us as the creativity and ever changing backgrounds inside are inspiring and offer so many unique ideas in just the environment itself. You would certainly need permission to shoot anywhere in the building.
  10. Calgary Film Centre - We can only dream…

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